5 Sex Positions You Can Do On The Couch

1. The Lazy Boy

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Got a reclining chair? Have your partner lay down and throttle it back as far as that baby will go. If you still want to do it after seeing him pantsless and fully reclined, straddle him facing his feet. Rub your clit as you move and he can hold onto your boobs—everyone’s happy and, technically, still seated.

2. The Channel Surfer

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Bend over the arm of the couch with your hands on the seat cushions for balance. He stands to enter, holding onto your ass for deeper penetration. Fun fact: If you prop a vibrator between yourself and the sofa arm, it stays put, like, perfectly.

3. The Couch Tease

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Sit facing each other with your backs on opposite arm rests. Pop in (or on) a remote control toy and tease each up by ramping it up, then cruelly back down just exactly when it’s getting good. For variation, you can also stroke yourselves while watching each other get more and more turned on.

4. The VIP Section 

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Sit their ass down, get on their lap, and slowly undress them, kissing them as you go, until you end up on your knees in front of them giving them the best oral they ever had. Let them choose how and where they want to orgasm, and then you switch places and Get. Yours.

5. The Greasy Spoon

Photo Credit: Cosmo.ph

Make a spoon deeper and so much better just by taking your top leg and hooking your foot over the back of the couch. Still as cozy and coupley as ever, but a lil’ sexier. If it’s not quite doing it for you, squeeze some lube on his fingers and guide them where they need to go.

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Source: Cosmo.ph