His wife cheated on him, that’s why he live streams his final moment after letting his deadly pet black mamba bite him

Arslan Valeev, 31-year-old is a video blogger from St. Petersburg, Russia and also known as snake expert.

With hundreds of thousands followers, Arslan and his wife Ekaterina ‘Katya’ Pyatyzhkina were famous because of their several YouTube channels about snakes and their pet bobcats.

Happier times: The couple owned several reptiles as well as bobcats, who they ran another YouTube channel for 

People talking to them that on August 4, Arslan had accused Katya of cheating on him.

Happier times:  Valeev and Ms Pyatyzhkina on their wedding day at an unknown date

Heartbreak: The couple broke up earlier this year after Ekaterina obtained a divorce on the grounds of domestic violence

After that, it was reported that Arslan beat her wife and she suffered concussion.

Ex: Valeev and his former wife Ekaterina 'Katya' Pyatyzhkina, who ran the channels with him, broke up after he beat her up following accusations that she cheated on him

Arslan apologized to public for what he did to his wife on September 21, he also said that their sexual relationship ended in July 21.

Katya is now in a new relationship because she filed divorce for the domestic violence and the court favored her.

Online fame: Valeev was a snake expert and former zoo employee who ran a YouTube channel with his ex-wife about exotic animals

In a video that Arslan posted via Livestream, he pleaded his viewers to call his ex-wife as he was visibly deteriorating and his limbs became numb.

But the actual video of snake bite and the moment of his death were not shown. He is also a former zoo employee managed to allow viewers to see the snake bite on his hand.

Ms Pyatyzhkina filed for divorce and had since moved on to a new relationship

Apparently, he let his pet black mamba bite his hand.

At the video he can be seen getting up from his chair and staggered off the camera, possibly towards the nearest bathroom at the end of the footage.

Live death: Russian YouTuber Arslan Valeev, 31, from St Petersburg, allegedly let his pet black mamba bite him on purpose, before he live streamed his final moments

After that he died.

His friend posted online, claiming that he not intended to take his own life, but it will happen by a mistake.

He turn on the camera as normal, he went to get a snake out of the terrarium to move it into a plastic container used for broadcasts. In the process of doing this the snake bite him.Bite: The moment of the bite itself was not shown, but Valeev showed his bitten finger to the camera during the broadcast

But after all this happened his ex-wife has not yet commented on his viral video.

Watch the video below:

Via: Youtube

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