Housewife complains to Erwin Tulfo about her “malanding kumare” who always seduce her husband

What might you do on the off chance that you discovered that your friend has been seducing your husband?

This is the thing that a 25-year-old housewife experienced right in her own particular house. She complained to Erwin Tulfo in his radio program, “Experto (IMS*X) about certain kumare of hers who she suspected has been seducing her husband. The kumare is as of now single.

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As indicated by Gina (Not her genuine name), her husband works as a fitness instructor in a known gym center in Quezon City. As of late, she noticed that this kumare of hers would drop by their home each morning to visit their eldest, who is the kumare’s godchild.

However, she has been suspecting that the lady uses that reason to see her better half and after that seduce him inside and out conceivable. Gina noticed that the lady would frequently wear tight shirts and smaller scale little skirts.

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She said her kumare regularly flaunts her legs and even sits in a way that uncovered her underwear. Aside from that, she claimed that there are times when her kumare’s breasts nearly pops out of her meager shirt.

At the uncommon circumstances her kumare would wear pants, she guaranteed that the layout of her friend’s underwearis extremely obvious. Truth be told, Gina accepted that her kumare was wearing a T-back.

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This pestered the housewife, who said that her better half can’t resist the opportunity to toss looks at her kumare’s legs and chest. One time, Gina revealed that she has really gone up against her husband about it. The husband, on his part guaranteed her that he could never replace her.

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Eventually, it was uncovered that the kumare has a specific getting a kick out of the chance to her better half back in their secondary school days. However, he chose to marry Gina, which made the kumare depressed.

Presently, Gina lives right next door to her kumare. She has since suspected that the kumare’s affection for her husband has never reduced at all consistently.

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Erwin Tulfo looked for the assistance of Dra. Flor Yabut-Perea, who is an obstetrician-gynecologist and a relationship expert. As indicated by her, Gina ought to have an appropriate chat with her husband about the issue.

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The specialist additionally unveiled that they shouldn’t let the kumare inside the house to evade any more incidents. She likewise exhorted that the spouse should practice self-control.

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