Woman found out that her ex-boyfriend living in her attic for almost 2 weeks

A Rock Hill, N.C., lady knew something was in her upper room when she heard a thump and after that saw a few nails begin flying out from her room roof one night.

Tracy, a mother of five, figured it may be a creature. She sent her older sons and nephew to look at it, she told WCNC-TV in Charlotte.

Photo via: TNP
Photo via: TNP

She told the Charlotte Observer she thought “there was some poltergeist stuff going on.”

Furthermore, what they found was amazing. It wasn’t a creature. It was the lady’s ex.

He descended from the storage room with no clarification and left with a grin before police could arrive, the Observer reports.

Photo via: TNP
Photo via: TNP

The man had been living in the storage room for around two weeks, WCNC reports, taking note of that the ex was as of late discharged from imprison.

“He had packed all the old coats and jackets into the heating unit and was sleeping in the heating unit,” said Tracy, who did not reveal her last name.

Photo via: TNP
Photo via: TNP

There were likewise substantial plastic mugs containing human waste, which clarify how he assuaged himself in his housetop hideaway, WCNC detailed.

Tracy’s nephew told the Observer the man could look through an air vent in the roof of the lady’s room.

“It’s got me flabbergasted,” she told the newspaper. “How can you look at someone through an air vent?”

Another riddle is the manner by which the man got in and out of the upper room in light of the fact that the main access is through the lower level of the house.

Photo via: TNP
Photo via: TNP
Photo via: TNP

She and the man had dated for about a year over 10 years back, she told the Observer. She had canceled it after he wound up noticeably associated with trivial wrongdoing, she said. He helped her introduce a few entryways in her home about a year prior and that was the last she saw of him until the point when she saw him descend from her upper room.

Tracy has changed her locks, the daily paper reports. Be that as it may, her children are still scared to rest in their rooms.

She hopes the man is located and accused of a crime.

“I want him to be charged with it,” she told the Observer. “It could be somebody else he does the same thing to, but she might not be so lucky.”

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Source: TNP | YAHOO