Erwan Heussaff prank his wife Anne Curtiz with x4 spicy Korean noodles

You likely delighted in viewing Erwan Heussaff’s vlog entry in December of a year ago. The vlog included Erwan together with his ‘It Girl’ Celebrity sister Solenn Heussaff and her hubby Nico Bolzico going up against the spicy Korean fire noodle challenge.

Shockingly, Solenn ended up find after finishing her plate. Yet, both Erwan and Nico experienced serious difficulties taking care of the heat. Suffice it to say,, the challenge was a considerable measure harder than they expected.

Recently, Erwan used this test to take ‘revenge’ on his better half Anne Curtis after the two newlyweds had a argument. On Wednesday, January 24, the celebrity chef posted another vlog section on his YouTube channel. But this time, it was Anne who inadvertently fell victim to the spicy noodle challenge.

Erwan clarified the context for his prank.

“Anne and i recently had a really, really, really tiny argument. And for once, she actually admitted she was wrong.”

After their contradiction, Anne needed some spicy noodles. In any case, she was ignorant that Erwan poured an additional pack of spicy sauce on her noodles. In the wake of preparing the nosh, Erwan headed to the living room where Ann was waiting for him.

Not surprisingly, Anne’s face begun to go red after a couple of bites. Part of the way through the dish, she began to presume that Erwan may have put an additional pack of spices which, obviously, Erwan energetically denied then went to the kitchen and turned to his camera to state:

“It’s so spicy! I had one bite and my lips are on fire. Let’s see if she finishes it.”

Anne was noticeably not alright and she was attempting to relieve the impacts of the additional spicy noodles by fanning herself with her palms and drinking lots of water. While filming his wife, Erwan really wanted to laugh. He finally admitted to his prank, to which Anne suddenly reacted with:

“I knew it. You’re such..! I hate you! Why would you do that?”

Erwan at that point said that it was his approach to “teach her a lesson” so she would “never be mean again.”

Anne answered with:

“No wonder why you were so nice and giving me bread. I hate you.”

Anne at that point turned to the camera and said jokingly:

“See how my husband treats me.”

Watch the video below:

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Source: TNP | YouTube