Woman accidentally captures the moment a Taiwanese national, 28, drowns as his friends desperately try to save him

A lady swimming at a well known waterfall in Australia incidentally captured the moment a Taiwanese national drowned as his companions desperately tried to save him.

Anneka Bading was GoPro a GoPro to film herself and two companions at MacKenzie Falls in the Grampians National Park, west of Melbourne, on Saturday when the 28-year-old man slipped and fell into the water.

Anneka Bading, 24, was filming herself and two friends swimming at MacKenzie Falls in the Grampians National Park on Saturday when a Taiwanese national slipped and fell into the water. This picture shows the man's friends in the background frantically trying to rescue him

A group of people can be seen on rocks almost a waterfall out of sight quickly attempting to rescue the man. His body was recovered at 9.30am the following day.

Ms. Bading, 24, said she had been swimming near to when she recognized the man sitting with three companions on a stone close to the waterfall. Seconds later, she said she heard his companions shouting and pointing at the water.

Ms Bading said she was swimming close by when she spotted the 28-year-old man sitting with three friends on a rock underneath the waterfall (pictured)

“By then we had no clue what was happening. We thought a type of creature was in the water. We couldn’t comprehend what was happening and they continued shouting and pointing,” she revealed to The Stawell Times.

Ms Bading said it wasn’t until the point that a female companion of the man got her GoPro stick that she understood somebody was drowning. They then attempted to raise the alarm using their phones.

“I escaped the water and tried to call triple zero, inquiring as to whether they had service. Not one individual had service.”

“Everybody didn’t recognize what to do and we couldn’t comprehend (the victim’s friends). My legs were shaking when I recognized what was happening yet nobody comprehended what to do,” she told the distribution.

Around 40 individuals were going by the waterfall at the time, including an on leave lifeguard who hopped in the water, however the weight from the waterfall too strong.

The 24-year-old, who said she didn’t see signs close-by prohibiting swimming, was just ready to get service in the wake of running a kilometer to the carpark and driving for an additional 10 minutes. She has called for better telephone gathering in the area.

After arriving at the scene, Ms Bading said paramedics disclosed to her the man may have trapped under a stone rack. His body was recovered the next morning.

Parks Victoria told the Stawell Times there are three signs in the area prohibiting swimming and said Telstra was investigating into extending coverage to the waterfall’s carpark.

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Source: Dailymail