VIRAL: New famous restaurant ‘Hot Pot’ uses bikini-clad waitresses to attract customers

A hot-pot eatery in Taipei, Taiwan, as of late got a considerable measure of consideration online after photographs of young two-piece clad waitresses serving and cooperating with clients went viral.

The hot-pot eatery business in Taiwan and terrain China is extremely focused, and it’s difficult for newcomers to get an edge by depending entirely on the nature of the nourishment and immaculate administration. So the proprietors of ‘Crisp Feast’, another eatery that opened in the Songshan district of Taipei, concluded that they required some outrageous promoting keeping in mind the end goal to get the word out about their diner and draw in clients. For the terrific opening, they procured five attractive models and had them serve clients dressed just in scanty swimsuits.

Their technique worked superior to anything they expected, as only a few days after the occasion, photographs and recordings of the wonderful servers turned into a web sensation online, with a large number of individuals saying something regarding the unordinary sight. Some adored shining a different light on “hot-pot”, while others were whining about how corrupting it was for ladies to be utilized as publicizing. In any case, everybody was discussing it, which was exactly what the proprietors for going for.

Thanks to social media, photographs of the alluring servers soon contacted worldwide gatherings of people and got generally constructive criticism.

And keeping in mind that this was only a one-time special occasion, one hot-pot eatery Haikou City, China, adopted an obligatory swimsuit clothing standard for its staff and got shot down for it a year ago. Nearby specialists said that the approach was in “low taste” and conflicted with Chinese communist esteems.

Watch the video below:

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Source: odditycentral