“Imbis na sa pagkain kami ma highblood, sa bill kami na highblood!” Netizens disappointed about their experienced at seafood restaurant

A Facebook post by an incensed netizen specifying his family’s troublesome involvement with a seafood restaurant is making rounds on social media.

As per the netizen, his family chose to go out for lunch to celebrate his grandma’s birthday. Having known about its great reviews, they chose to make due with the previously mentioned seafood restaurant. Everything was going great. That is, until the point when they managed one of the servers.

As expressed in the post, one of the restaurant’s employees promised them that they didn’t need to pay on the off chance that they didn’t appreciate the administration. How this resto functions is clients pick crude plates of seafood and have them cooked by the attendants. In this way, the server offered to personally go and purchase the seafood himself to ensure that it was new. He even specified that he wouldn’t charge them for his administrations. Persuaded of his words, the group agreed.

The family requested crab, tempura, buttered chicken, salmon, prepared mussels, sisig, chopsuey, pancit, and squid. As indicated by the netizen, it took over an hour before their food was finally served.

Looks tasty, isn’t that so? Shockingly, what occurred next gave them the greatest stun of their lives. When they at last asked for their bill, they were flabbergasted to see that they were being charged an astounding PHP 34,000.

It turns out that the crew member’s promise was a lie, as they were still charged for the service. What’s more regrettable is their service charge added up to a unimaginable PHP 10,000.

Persuaded that they were being defrauded, the group declined to pay and endeavored to settle it with the management. From PHP 34,000, their bill was lessened to PHP20,000. To ensure, the family requested the official receipt in the event of some unforeseen issue.

What shocked them more was the means by which the administration demanded showing the measure of PHP 10,000 in their O.R. in spite of the way that they got PHP 20,000. This was the point at which they understood that they were being cheated by the eatery staff. At last, they influenced them to compose PHP 20,000 on the receipt.

At last, the netizen cautioned others to forgo eating at the seafood restaurant with the goal that they wouldn’t get in the same troublesome circumstance.

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Source: TNP