Jennica Garcia after leaving showbiz earns praise for successful business and chose a normal life

A few people think that once a big name leaves the bright lights of showbiz, their lives would encounter a significant downgrade. Without a doubt, many believe people there’s nothing better than being a famous artist.. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Previous actress and actor Jennica Garcia and Alwyn Uytingco picked the basic life when they began their family and have awed individuals with how they manage to earn a living now.

Jennica seems to have discovered her calling in imparting her parenting knowledge to different mothers and fathers. The previous on-screen character has been firm in the way she has brought up her girl Athena Mori. Growing up without too many gadgets allowed Mori to discover straightforward delights in everything around her.

Needing to impart her style of parenting to others, Jennica holds a few classes and workshops that educate new or struggling guardians distinctive all encompassing ways to deal to raising their children. Her classes are somewhat expensive however they additionally got a considerable measure of positive criticism from her students.

Beside this, Jennica additionally tried to acquire wage by offering her family’s pre-loved things. You don’t usually see celebrities selling their clothes but the Uytingco family knows some things about practicality. Netizens have been remarking their gestures of recognition on her Instagram non-stop. Some are pleased with what she has accomplished far from showbiz and others were awed by her simplicity.

Here are some of their comments:

Hi Ms [at]jennicauytingco! I admire and adore your simplicity.. Godbless you! Discovering simplicity in the complex world.

Ang tiyaga niya, pwede mag print out but instead sinulat na lang sa mga karton.

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Source: TNP