LOOK: What Is Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Infection and How It Can Affect You

There are increasing numbers of people who have been affected by STD or $exually Transmitted Diseases. There are a lot of diseases that you can get from $exual intercourse and HPV is one of them. So what is HPV (Human Papillomavirus)?

HPV is a $exually transmitted disease that mostly affects teen and early 20’s. It’s virus are different from HIV and HPV.

Learning more about this can help both men and woman on how to prevent this from happening and how you could protect yourself from this disease.

Photos below are graphic and some readers might find it disturbing.

1. This is a common disease

According to the reports of the Centers for Disease Control And Prevention (CDC), HPV affects about 79 million people in the United States alone.

HPV can cause cervical cancer which is the 2nd most common cancer in the world. Too common that results in 274,000 deaths and 529,000 new cases of cervical cancer last 2008.

2. It can be transmitted without committing in an intercourse

Even this is another STD, you can acquire this diseases without $ex. The virus can be transmitted through skin to skin contact. The genital warts of this infection are the primary cause of transfer of virus that usually occurs in the genital area, upper thigh and butt.

You can also get this disease through kissing because HPV infection can also occur in your mouth.

3. There is HPV vaccine available but no cure

The genital warts that were caused by the infection can be removed and treated, but it doesn’t kill the virus inside your body.

There are vaccines available today that helps in reducing the risk of getting HPV for both men and women in any age.

4. Most HPV Patients Do Not Show Symptoms

Most people have no signs of the infection and on some cases they will only be aware of the disease if there is an abnormal results on their Pap smear.

But on some cases the symptoms may shows but people overlooked or misunderstood it. According to the National Cancer Institute, more than half of women who have genital warts have no idea they had HPV.

5. Some Doctors Are Skeptical To Do HPV Testing

It is because of the benefits of HPV testing are still uncertain. Due to the majority of HPV infections that usually go away in two years without complications. And positive results of HPV testing can cause more distress than necessary to the person who got infected.

6. HPV Tests are different from men and women

For women, HPV can be usually detected if there were abnormal results on their Pap smear. As for men, there is currently no HPV test available to detect the virus.

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