Husband cheats on his wife by having relationship with his own aunt

Incest is a term which is regularly heart on TV. This sort of relationship is considered as forbidden by numerous individuals everywhere throughout the world because of the way that it involves having a cozy association with a close relative. Regardless of this, a considerable measure of people still practice it and apparently overlooks according to society. Lamentably for this lady, her marriage was destroyed when her husband chose to abandon her and their three children to be with his own aunt.

A 25-year-old lady named Evangeline Abina went to Raffy Tulfo’s office to complain about her husband. As per her, her husband, 32-year-old Mark Anthony Abina, left her and their children keeping in mind the end goal to live with his 30-year-old aunt. To make an already difficult situation even worse, her companion was reputed to take part in an extramarital entanglements with his own particular aunt, Marlyn Betor.

Evangeline Recalled that last December, Marlyn contacted Mark Anthony and asked him to take care of his sick mom. At that point, Marlyn’s husband, contacted her and asked her if Mark Anthony was already with her. In opposition to what she knew, her husband wasn’t taking care of his mother however was with his aunt. Evangeline included that Marlyn conveyed Mark Anthony to her home where her better half and their own children additionally live. So, Mark Anthony, Marlyn, and her husband are living under one roof regardless of affirmations of Incest.

Tulfo at that point chose to contact Mark Anthony’s sister, Menchie Abina, hoping that she would have the capacity to help them in connecting with Mark Anthony. The journalist additionally grabbed this opportunity to reprove Menchie for enduring her own sibling’s incestuous affair. Menchie, in any case, clarified that Mark Anthony and their auntie continued denying that they are take part in an extramarital entanglements despite the fact that it was already quite obvious.

Tulfo at that point asked for Menchie to go home to Tacloban, where Mark Anthony and Marlyn are living, to converse with them and request that they stop their present relationship.

Shockingly, Mark Anthony said that he wouldn’t like to get back together with Evangeline any longer, as transferred by Menchie. He additionally offered to give budgetary help to the children or simply take authority of their children. Menchie likewise included that the two are not living respectively any longer since Marlyn is in Manila while Mark Anthony is in the province.

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