After Choking on a Small Piece of Hotdog Baby Declared Dead on Arrival

The mother evidently went upstairs to get something and left the infant alone with the bite-sized hotdogs on the table.

Babies and toddlers regularly put everything without exception they find in their mouths, increasing the chance of suffocating and choking on them. As a parent, always keep an eye on your children. Never let them play with little things that they can put into their mouths and choke on. Beside little toy parts, children below 5 years old should also avoid eating food with small, hard pieces as they could choke on them as well.

A mother from Bulacan, Philippines, is now grieving after her 1-year-old child died after choking on a small piece of hotdog she cut for the baby. As indicated by Grace Pariñas, she had cut the hotdog into little bite-sized pieces and fed her baby. In any case, she saw that the child would spit it out after tasting it for a while. Thinking the baby had spat out everything, she left the child for a while and went upstairs to get something.

When she got back, she was horrified to see her child’s face turning purple and was experiencing serious difficulties to breathe. She immediately rushed the child to the hospital, where the last was later announced dead on arrival. The child had died choking on a little bit of hotdog.

Numerous netizens slammed the mother for being irresponsible, while others consoled her. The nearby government warned other moms and guardians to always keep an eye on toddlers and babies who are just starting to eat solids.

Learn how to save babies and toddlers from choking:

This is another one of those things that absolutely mystifies new parents and non-parents—infants and toddlers are constantly choking on things. Babies and toddlers often put anything and everything they see in their mouths, increasing the chance of choking and suffocating on them.


As a parent, always keep an eye on your children. Never let them play with small items that they can put into their mouths and choke on. Here are some steps in preventing children from choking:

Never let your child eat without supervision. Never, for example, put your child in a high chair with some food and leave the room.

  • Keep all small objects—coins, marbles, pebbles, etc.—cleaned up and out of reach of small children.
  • Learn how to dislodge a small object if your child is choking.

After asking several parents if they knew how to save a choking baby/toddler, St John Ambulance said: “Parents told us that over 40% of them have witnessed their own baby choke. And when we quizzed them on the first aid, we found that over four-fifths don’t know what to do in this situation.”

So in order to provide parents with information on how to save their children from choking, they released this advert to warn parents, parents-to-be, and non-parents.

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1st step: Lay baby downwards on your forearm. Using the heel of your hand, give her a firm back blow between the shoulder blades. Give up to five back blows, and check between each blow to see if the blockage has cleared.

2nd step: If the blockage hasn’t cleared, lay baby on her back, place two fingers in the centre of her chest, and give her up to five chest thrusts – like CPR compressions but slower and sharper. Check to see if the blockage has cleared between each thrust.

3rd step: If baby is still choking, check that someone has called an ambulance and alternate five back blows and five chest thrusts until emergency help arrives. If at any point baby becomes unconscious, start baby CPR.

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