READ THIS! Here are the early signs indicating that you are pregnant!

If there’s one person who knows what’s happening to your body, that would be you. Knowing your body is important especially when you’re doubting that you’re carrying a baby inside you.

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We all know for a fact that the best way to find out if you’re pregnant is through a pregnancy test, but then, there are some people, especially the young ones, are too embarrassed to buy a pregnancy test kit at a local pharmacy.

Now for those who don’t want to buy a pregnancy test kit, then below are the symptoms that you should be aware of:

1. Your period arrives later than usual

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– A delayed period is the first symptom of pregnancy. If you aren’t stressed out and do not have any dietary or nutrition plans or if you have a regular period, then you should instantly notice that there’s a delay in your menstruation.

2. Vomitting

 Here are the early signs indicating that you are pregnant! READ THIS!
–  If you vomit a lot then it means that your hormone levels are undergoing changes. The source said: “The hormone levels will destabilize which causes you to have slower digestion, having the urge to puke at most times.”

3. You can notice that your genital area is a bit swollen and you can even experience discomfort down there.

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4. Your breasts start to swell and hurt a bit even if you aren’t using underwire bras.

 Here are the early signs indicating that you are pregnant! READ THIS!

5. You would often experience sudden cramps even though you aren’t on your period

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6. Even if you drink that much, you would still find yourself going to the bathroom more often than usual.

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According to the report: “Your uterus will start to expand and lower the capacity of your bladder to hold urine.”

7. You would feel sleepy and drowsy even when you’re getting enough rest.Image result for getting enough rest What can you say about this?
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