President Rodrigo Duterte’s Sweet Photo With His Youngest Daughter Kitty Duterte

Regardless of how intense or brute a man is, he will always soften at seeing his child. Obviously, this is additionally valid for the most powerful man of our nation. President Rodrigo Duterte is known to command with an iron-fist with regards to running the Philippines.

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He has harsh expectations and much harsher words for individuals and circumstances that don’t fit in with his beliefs. We regularly hear President Duterte release condemnations and dangers in his open talks that help everybody about the the type of leader he is.

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But this extreme man isn’t not really stays intense when he returns home to his family. Honeylet Avacena, Duterte’s common-law wife, shared a magnificent and valuable minute between her husband and his most youthful girl Kitty. It indicated Kitty sitting on her dad’s lap, eating some snacks, while Duterte hugged her from behind.

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Duterte may not generally talk about wonderful things particularly with the rampant campaign against drugs. Yet, with regards to his family, Duterte has only love. A past meeting with kitty revealed that her dad sheds his intense and calloused outside becomes soft and tender as soon as he steps inside their home. She even said that she is his weakness, typical of a great father-daughter relationship.

Netizens were touched by the sweet sight and really wanted to share their insights. Some expressed that children don’t know how they turn into their parents’ source of strength particularly when unpleasant circumstances heap up on their shoulders. We are certain that a man with such burden like Duterte needs his family to help him to remember the great things throughout everyday life.

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Source: TNP | Facebook